Discover the secrets locked inside the walls of the Old City


Discover the secrets locked inside the walls of the Old City


1,5 hours

On Wannabe Croatian Tour discover the life of the citizens living within the walls of Dubrovnik’s Old City. Talk with them, experience the spirit of the past centuries through a maze of narrow streets and small squares. Visit the oldest parts of Dubrovnik beyond the usual tourist paths, where fascinating views will open up to you in an unexpected way.

Discover the churches and highlights that you will not find in travel guides. On Wannabe Croatian Tour, you will not be bored. Get prepared for some sarcasm and how to learn history in a different way. You will be able to see and discover all the highlights of Dubrovnik and get all local tips as I am a local guide.

The route will lead us along the picturesque residential side streets, green market and cafes to the old port, so prepare your cameras and questions. During walking through vibrant residential streets, key elements of street planning and medieval house construction requirements will be explained.

As we stroll through narrow streets, we will meet the locals in front of their houses, and maybe we will be able to take a peek into their family homes to see their daily routine. We will check what’s cooking as Croatia is also famous for its food. We will enjoy amazing views and photo ops from non-touristic parts of Dubrovnik. At the end of the Wannabe Croatian Tour, I will teach you how to enjoy coffee in the Croatian way. You will fall in love with Croatia.

‘Wannabe Croatian Tour’ is all about how to embrace local culture, tradition, history, and way of life like a real local through the eyes of a traveler. You will unlock the secret of easy living in Dubrovnik.

As I will take you around let me introduce myself. I am a traveler by soul, tour guide by passion, photographer by love. Traveled to 120 countries around the globe. National Geographic co-host and local expert featured in various foreign media like BBC, CNN, PBS about movies, history, and photo tours.

I enjoy introducing my city to guests from a typically local point of view and beyond well-known tourist paths.

From Dubrovnik with love.

What other travel enthusiasts say:

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones & History walking tour

Had a wonderful, entertaining and most interesting couple of hours while taking the walking tour of Game of Thrones combined with the Dubrovnik city history. Our guide Ivan Vukovic Vuka was really professional and also fun and entertaining! He show and told us about the shooting of GoT, but also mixed facts and fun things of Dubrovnik, Croatia, the culture etc… Highly recommend this tour and guide, it’s a must-do if you are in Dubrovnik✔️Hvala!

Maria L. (TripAdvisor)

Ivan Vukovic is a true professional

We were a party of 4 who arranged for a private tour with Ivan Vukovic prior to our arrival in Dubrovnik. (…) The actual tour was extremely informative and Ivan’s personality and sense of humor made the time go by extremely fast. The initial Dubrovnik tour was so wonderful that we actually decided to have Ivan show us more sights the following day. That was a great decision in that we saw areas of Dubrovnik that are not seen on “normal” tours. Finally, Ivan’s follow-up after we left Dubrovnik for Split was greatly appreciated. He is the best!

Ike P (TripAdvisor)

Game of Thrones tour with Ivan Vukovic

We loved the Game of Thrones tour we did with an excellent and fun guide Ivan Vukovic! He did a great job in comparing King’s Landing and real Dubrovnik’s history and actually making the history so much fun, which we never thought it was possible …the time flew by! We highly recommend it!

Sandra M (TripAdvisor)

An incredible and fun experience

Ivan is one of the best tour guides you could ever ask for. He’s extremely well-informed, interesting and most importantly, hysterical. He will keep you laughing and smiling throughout your entire adventure. Don’t miss a chance to book a tour with him during your stay.

Susan (TripAdvisor)


Ivan Vukovic is THE BEST tourist guide ever. Funny, eloquent, showed us everything we wanted to see and some things we didn’t even thought about! Dubrovnik is a must see place, most beautiful architecture and nature, full of history and Ivan is your go to person! Thumbs up and thank you for amazing time

Dora (TripAdvisor)

A throne to Ivan Vuka

We first met Ivan and his Game of Thrones tour through another Dubrovnik guide, a Portuguesa em Dubrovnik – Cristiana Ferreira. The promise of an amazing tour through the sets of the GOT tv show was fulfilled and overrated my expectations. Ivan is a fantastic guide, who create a complete tour through the most important sets and scenes of the tv show and led the group to know each other. I totally approved and recommended Ivan and his GOT tour. “The Winter is Coming”.

Ana Q (TripAdvisor)

Exceptional Tour Guide Ivan Vukovic

We were lucky to have Ivan Vukovic as our tour guide. It was four of us in the group. He is very passionate, flexible and professional. Ivan was incredibly knowledgeable, giving us detailed information about the history of Dubrovnik, the old city and surrounding area. He brought us to a panoramic place to see Dubrovnik from the top by night. It was amazing view 🙂 We all loved the tour and the passion that Ivan has for her city. We highly recommend Ivan as tour guide. He is the best 🙂

Jovana N (TripAdvisor)

Great Game of Thrones tour with Ivan Vukovic

I had amazing GOT tour in Dubrovnik. One of the best tours in my life with really professional and always with smile my guide Ivan. I recommend this amazing tour.

Mladen K (TripAdvisor)

Best guide Ivan Vukovic

You were in Dubrovnik? Ivan was not your guide?? Then you have not learned anything about this city. He is one of the guides, who share their knowledge, charisma and humor to keep your attention every moment. Fun, informative and professional turist guide. A wonderful day in Dubrovnik thanks to Ivan.

Ana (TripAdvisor)

Thanks to Ivan, now I can explain why I'm so in love with Dubrovnik!

What a man! Thank you a thousand times, Ivan, for everything you did for us during our visit! Not only for GoT tour, but for all informations we needed. You’re the best tourist guide! Guys, if you want to experience Dubrovnik in the right way, Vuka is the man for you!

Jojo (TripAdvisor)

Game of Thrones Tour or Dubrovnik in general this is the person you need

Croatia is one of the top 5 travel destinations in 2017 according to New York Times, Dubrovnik the shining star of Croatia and Game of Thrones tour a must do in this city, so if you want the best experience on this tour Ivan Vukovic Vuka is the man for you.

Goran (TripAdvisor)

Ivan is wonderful

We did a walking tour with our group with Ivan. He was charming and witty and very informative. He kept it light (great for our teenagers) yet conveyed a lot of history and information.

Liz (TripAdvisor)

Great with kids

After successful judo tournament we decide it to send kids in Dubrovnik for a tour, and we met a guide and he was Judoka also IVAN VUKA so i knew exactly what a judo team needs, we had such a great time all of us, the kids weren’t very interested in great walls of the city ” guilty” Vuka he was so good with them and all of us…after a invitation from a judo club in Dubrovnik for tournament and traning together for a week, the first thing from the team was ” what about “crazy” Vuka will he be there…thank You our good friend…see you soon

Judoka (TripAdvisor)


Mobile: +385 98 328 554
Phone: +385 20 432 680
20 000 Dubrovnik, CROATIA

E-mail: ivan_vuka@yahoo.com

MEETING POINT: Small Onofrio's Fountain. If lost call: +385 98 328 554
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