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If you are a Star Wars fan and planning an early summer holiday you might want to save these dates. The rumors of the upcoming filming of the 8th episode of the Star Wars franchise in Dubrovnik are picking up a head of steam. The dates of the filming in Dubrovnik will be from the 9th of March until the 16th of March this year, 2016.
A letter has been circulating from an international film company, offering information on the dates and locations in Dubrovnik. To fans of the Star Wars franchise the name Space Bear will be familiar as it is a company set up to film new Star Wars projects. This is confirmed by the website, who listed the 8th episode of Star Wars production as "Star Wars: Episode VIII" (aka "Space Bear").

Along with the dates, as unofficially confirmed by Space Bear, also comes news on the locations around the historic Old City of Dubrovnik for filming. The locations are landmark attractions around the city and, if they are not to computer adjusted, will be instantly recognizable around the world. The Dubrovnik City Walls, the Banje Beach, the Stradun, the Rector's Palace, the Old City harbour and a square overlooking the Old City harbour have all been listed by Space Bear as locations sites.

The first two days of in Dubrovnik, the 9th and the 10th of March, are listed as days when the scenes will be set up, leaving for five actual days of filming in the city. With the scenes confirmed, although unofficially, many Star Wars fans will be discussing the possible Dubrovnik storyboard. And as we have yet to learn the actors that will come to Dubrovnik it is even harder to suppose Dubrovnik's purpose.
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source: The Dubrovnik Times